Surprise findings revealed by archaeological digs, plus Archaeological celebrations in Devon

Surprise findings revealed by archaeological digs
Friday, April 08, 2011

A NUMBER of archaeological digs have recently been completed in the city, throwing up a few surprises.
Dissenters’ Graveyard:
An assessment and survey has been produced by AC Archaeology on behalf of the owner, to inform discussions concerning the future of the site.
The study identified documentary evidence for just over 1,300 burials on the site between its opening in 1748 and the last documented interment in 1854, and 83 visible grave markers.
13 Lyndhurst Road, St Leonards:
Archaeological investigations have been undertaken where a house and extensive grounds are being redeveloped for housing revealed a couple of isolated pits of probable medieval date and some undated plot boundary ditches. No known medieval settlement sites lie in the immediate vicinity, and from the form of the field system shown on 19th century mapping the site lies within an area of former medieval open field.
137 Cowick Street, St Thomas:
Some targeted excavation undertaken immediately prior to the development of this site for a commercial sheltered housing scheme has revealed 18th century features, including ditches, pits and postholes, but no firm structural evidence, and no evidence of earlier occupation, despite the location of the site opposite the late medieval parish church.
Finds included a significant closely dated group of 18th century ceramics, including a rare pipe clay figurine in the shape of a mermaid.

Archaeological celebrations in Devon
Saturday, July 16, 2011

FROM tomorrow Devon is set to start celebrating all things archaeological. Thanks to the arrival of the Festival for British Archaeology in the county there will be two weeks of heritage events aimed at bringing the past to life. Activities lined up include bronze casting, making pots, grinding corn and learning the techniques involved in wattle and daub.
All will be featured at Stover Country Park on Sunday from 11am to 4pm. Entry is free other than car parking which is £2 all day.
Another highlight of the fortnight is the South West Coast Path Unlocking Our Coastal Heritage Project which runs from next Tuesday until Sunday, July 24. This is a Time Team-style event up on Beer Head where archaeologists will be exploring the remains of a pre-historic field system and possible Romano-British farmstead. Anyone with an interest in archaeology will be able to talk to the archaeologists at 3pm each afternoon when they will break away from their labours to explain how the dig is progressing and what they have discovered so far. On the Saturday, at 11.30am, there will be a Show and Tell session with Tanya James from AC Archaeology who will be part of the team carrying out the excavation.


About timeteign

Chairman, Chris Meathrel, founded Kingsteignton Archaeological Society in 2008 and reformed it in 2011. Our first WordPress blog issued Xmas 2012. Kingsteignton Archaeological Society adopted the name "TIMETEIGN" as a way of highlighting our existence as non-registered charity run archaeological organisation within the Heart of Teignbridge. We aim to highlight the local and district archaeology to draw attention to the community developments. The recent developments have hidden much of the local archaeology and we seek to make as much of our heritage available in one form or another, through the archaeology for future generations.
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