Ventiford Basin dig on the Stover Canal, Teignbridge, Devon

After many months of planning by the Stover Canal Trust and local independent archaeologist, Phil Newman, work started on saturday 10th May 2014 and will be completed within a week. Several areas have been identified of interest and details will be forthcoming in the near future.
A team of over twenty volunteers started on saturday (including several members of TimeTeign) in favourable weather. After the second days work, the site was starting to show good results for the team to be satisfied with their progress to date.


About timeteign

Chairman, Chris Meathrel, founded Kingsteignton Archaeological Society in 2008 and reformed it in 2011. Our first WordPress blog issued Xmas 2012. Kingsteignton Archaeological Society adopted the name "TIMETEIGN" as a way of highlighting our existence as non-registered charity run archaeological organisation within the Heart of Teignbridge. We aim to highlight the local and district archaeology to draw attention to the community developments. The recent developments have hidden much of the local archaeology and we seek to make as much of our heritage available in one form or another, through the archaeology for future generations.
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